Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Odes 1:11

Odes 1:11 Seize the day

Ask not (its forbidden knowledge)
What our destined terms of years,
Mine and yours; nor scan the
tables of your Babylonian seers.
Better far to bear the future,
My Leuconoe, like the past.
Whether Jove has many winters 
Yet to give or this our last;
This makes the Tyrrhene
Billows spend their strength against the shore
Strain your wine and prove your wisdom...
Life is short, should hope be more?
In the moment of our talking
Envious time has ebb’d away,
Seize the present and trust tomorrow
Even as little as you may...

Sunday, 5 August 2018

V E R S E S #10

Delusions and dreams
are a way to life
beyond the laws of time
To live like adults
To be kids again
To give an excuse from the pain
And the mistakes we make
again and again

V E R S E S #9

I was always the best
standing out from the rest
but when I entered a bigger field
I lost my footing as the one to lead

New battles were fought
of which many I lost
my pride faded
in the echo of my past

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

V E R S E S #8

I think carefully,
About what happened,
in these past few days.
About the things I did,
And the mistakes I made
Time washed me away
in its tidal force
of ruthless consequences
A bitter end for when
my fate and desires confluenced
I am left alone
To wade my way to the shore
And when I think of the reason
for (all) the suffering
I believe I am happy doing it for you

V E R S E S #7

I don't wish to fly
I don't wish to dive
I don't want to swim or rise
I want to stay on the ground
And do the things I like
It's fine
if I can't be the star or moon in the sky
I am fine being a twinkling light
of the city horizon tonight

V E R S E S #5

~ Last week's visit to nearby hill calmed my mind and fueled my poetic desires~

Broken pieces of history
Half-remembered stories
A cry of unrequited love
Heard on a moonless night
Waft in the city air
Enchanting every curious dreamer

V E R S E S #4

~My attempt at personify-ing my dreams~

The water flows flows flows
And time passes by by by
As I lose myself
In a world of fantasies
Dreaming, wishing,
Smiling, crying,
Playing, regretting,
Drowning, flying
and living it till the end.